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Communication, English and more

At the English Solution we think that communicating should be the most important aspect of any language training.
Of course it would be better if fewer mistakes were made, but who’s perfect??
How good is your English ? – try this test!

We think the main aim should be to improve your English knowledge and skills, whereby a pleasant and relaxed training atmosphere works wonders.

Don’t just practise grammar and the usual business English jargon, but try your hand at chit-chat (small talk) learn English idioms and proverbs, do English crossword puzzles, play the English version of “Scrabble” and more.

Many businessmen and women are often able to hold a conversation when talking about their specialised area, but have difficulties to make small-talk or to engage in chit-chat. Do you sometimes have to accompany your husband/wife to business events and do you have problems keeping a conversation going? We would be pleased to help you here.

Whatever your needs, we would be pleased to put together the ideal training programme for you and your colleagues.

Try our translation service: German/English and English/German – quick, reliable and efficient.

Interested ?  Please give us a call or send us a mail!